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As you can see from my LinkedIn profile ( ), I have wide and powerful experience from several domains in ICT business and a comprehensive people network who can support me and cooperate as a team when needed and required. I have made investments for the competencies of my own like Artificial Intelligence (AI), which I studied for 6 months at Aalto University and got completed in 24.5.2019 (Diploma in Artificial Intelligence), I performed DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing in spring 2019 and my latest certificate, ITIL Foundation 4 in IT Service Management, I performed in 6th of December 2019. If your company has not mapped the real and extended value of AI out so far, as one enabler of company digitalized future, the current state analysis of AI usage in the ITSM tool environment, is worthy of consideration as soon as possible. That is only one example where I can help and bring value to your company. The promise of AI can only become reality if the data that feeds it is curated by a well-governed platform managed by the chief data officer. If you have an urgent need to get the work done, please get in touch and let's talk about how I could help your business. 

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